Forest Ecology Lab

Student’s Resources

Advice for a graduate career

  1. Some modest advice for graduate students by Sterns and Huey 1987.
  2. Prospectus on Graduate Studies and Advising by Dan Binkley (read all the linked documents too)
  3. Some Pragmatic Advice to Graduate Students: a Hybridization of Stearns, Huey, and Binkley
  4. Three qualities of successful Ph.D. students: Perseverance, tenacity and cogency


Useful reading for your research

  1. Day, R.A. and Gastel, B. 2006. How to write and publish a scientific paper, Greenwood Press. This is a must read for all research students (HBSc, MSC, PhD, PDF, and visiting scholars).
  2. Zuur et al., 2011. A protocol for data exploration to avoid common statistical problems. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2010, 1, 3–14.
  3. If you wonder where to submit your next paper, check this site out